Investing in our artistic future…

We believe that art education is essential to everyone.


“We believe that art education is essential to everyone because it develops creative problem solving, innovation, and critical thinking. Art increases our power of perception, sharpens our senses, and promotes self expression.”

The Foundation has Launched the Art in a Box Program for K-12 Art Classes!

Dear Supporter of Colorado Art Education,

Art Box OutsideThe non-profit Philip J Steele Arts Education Foundation is committed to creating partnerships between students and visual arts education in the state of Colorado. Our goal is to encourage, mentor, and support students throughout the visual arts community.

Art Box insideWe are launching a new program called Art in a Box. We are in the process of purchasing art supplies and soliciting donations from a variety of sources that we will then put together in grade level specific boxes intended for Colorado art classroom use. The donations of art supplies will then be delivered by us to the selected classrooms. We feel that in these days of budget cuts to K-12 art programs, art teachers are in need of tangible support and are in the best position to use our direct donation to nurture creativity in the classroom. By facilitating this program, we will become partners in embracing the artistic passions and ambitions of students across the state.

The Application is available by clicking on the tab above. Then just print it out, fill it in, scan it  and email it to Applications will be reviewed and Art in a Box gifts will be awarded on a rolling basis, based on need as funds become available.


Please contact us at if you have any questions!


2015 Boathouse Happy Hour Reunion has been rescheduled!

Boathouse for invitation

Save the date! Thursday, June 11, 2015

Please join us for a special Happy Hour Reunion Fundraiser at theWashington Park Boathouse!

Tickets will be available soon! Admission includes adult beverages, happy hour hors d'oeuvres, a terrific party, and even a tax-deductible donation!

Artists putting the Fun in Fundraising!



Introducing our 2015-2015 Scholarship Recipients!

Jade Phillips

Jade has received the 2014-2015 Carla Miranda and Dustin Peletier Memorial Scholarship Award. She is a Fine art/ Painting major.

"Dear artists, donors and families of the Philip J. Steele Foundation,

I am sincerely proud and filled with joy and happiness with being awarded a scholarship for the 2014-2015 year! Maintaining a consistent work ethic has always been a huge part of my artistic endeavor; it means the world to me that my efforts are rewarded with such a generous donation. I am honored to be awarded the Carla Miranda and Dustin Peletier Memorial Scholarship that is funded by their families.  My education is something that I take seriously and that I take pride in, and I plan to absorb all of the information I can, as I strive to make a name for myself in the art community. This scholarship, along with my inherent work ethic and passion for creating, will provide a definite path for my success. I want to thank you, once again, for investing in me and for truly granting me the chance to confront my dreams head on and conquer them. Without these generous contributions and donations, there would be little hope for aspiring students struggling with the high costs of living, food, art supplies, and obtaining artistic training! You have all impacted my perceptions of how far I may go in this life, and have influenced me to keep pushing for the advancement and betterment of myself and my work! Thank you, so very much, for your kind support."

Respectfully, Jade 


Solomon Gamino

Solomon has received the 2014-2015 Gerald E. and Betty C. Ehrhart Memorial Scholarship Award. He is an Illustration

"Dear artists, donors, and members of the Ehrhart family,

I am very grateful for this generous scholarship which helps alleviate financial burden so I can pursue my education and studies in art. I appreciate the Philip J. Steele Arts Education Foundation, there is much love and caring behind the intentions of the foundation. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to the Ehrhart family for contributing to the scholarship foundation in loving memory of Gerald and Betty Ehrhart . I want to also give thanks to all my fellow artists that make this possible by keeping the artistic flow in motion, together we touch and influences local and global communities through the passions of art. One of my goals as an artist is to be able to pay it forward to future artists."

Thanks, Solomon


Cheyenne Richardson

Cheyenne has received the 2014-2015 Wall Street on Demand Scholarship. She is Graphic Design major.

"Dear artists, donors, and members of the Foundation,

I would like to thank all the donors of the Philip J Steele Scholarship foundation for granting me such a helpful scholarship toward my pursuit of a degree in graphic design. I hope one day you can see how I have contributed to the world of creative careers locally and internationally. It is such an honor to receive this outstanding scholarship."

Sincerely, Cheyenne