Investing in our artistic future…

Lara Matthews photo

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this award. The scholarship will permit me to continue with my studies and realize my dream of receiving a Fine Arts Degree in the USA.

Winning this award reinforces my belief in my artistic potential. I know that I can maintain the high standards of a professional fine artist, which will enable me to contribute artistically and intellectually to the community.” Lara


Brandon Bultman photo

“I am writing to thank you for the generous scholarship! It has been extraordinary to grow in my practice under the guidance of the Steele family. The Philip J. Steele Arts Education Foundation is doing an excellent job carrying on Philip Steele’s original vision of helping students to become successful artists and designers.  The Colorado art scene, and beyond, owes a tremendous debt to the Steele family that can never be repaid.

Thank you again for your generous contribution to my education and career!” Brandon


“I wish there were enough words to express my gratitude for the scholarship I received from the Philip J. Steele Arts Education Foundation. Not only will the generous gift help me pursue an education in visual art, it validated my belief that art is important. The Steele Family and the artists who contribute to the foundation give so much more than money; they consistently encourage inspiring young artist to learn, create, and give back. These gifts are priceless. Thank you for your belief in me.” Laine


“I would like to express my deepest thanks to the foundation and everyone involved who made it possible for me to receive this scholarship.  I am so grateful for the artists who donated their works, raising enough money to support young artists like myself. It is because of the support from the foundation and the donors that I am able to pursue my great love of art, and for that I am deeply appreciative.” Daphne


 ”Thank you very much for the scholarship! It means a lot to know that you believe in me and are investing in my future. Throughout the college application process, I realized that without organizations such as the Steele Foundation and its patrons, I would not be able to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design to study Industrial Design. I hope to design cycling apparel, components, cars, or whatever else may take my interest in the future. Once again thank you so much!” Casey


“I am so thankful to everyone involved in awarding me the Philip J. Steele Arts Education Foundation scholarship, and especially to the donors who raised the money so the scholarship could exist in the first place. My entire life is art, everything I do is art, everything I am is art, I need a creative and artistic setting to survive.”  Christian


“I would like to extend my sincerest thanks for your generosity and kindness. The art and funds that you have donated will not only help me pursue my dreams at Haverford College, but they also alleviate some of the financial stress that accompanies the pursuit of higher education. Here in Philadelphia, I have landed a job in an art gallery, and I’m taking art history classes within the tri-college consortium. I couldn’t be happier, and I owe much of my experience to the Philip J. Steele Foundation and the individuals who help run and sponsor this organization. Because of your support, these experiences are possible for me, and I can worry less about costs that are associated with my new and exciting lifestyle. ” Dylan